Transport Canada Forms

Candidates intending to sit for a Transport Canada Examination at a Transport Canada Examination Centre must complete and submit TC Form 82-0600 (see link below) to the Transport Canada Examination Centre at least two weeks in advance.

Examinations conducted at Western Maritime Institute may be paid by credit card to Transport Canada in advance by telephone or at the time of the examination with exact change cash.

About Transport Canada Exams

In British Columbia, most Transport Canada Examination Fees, including HST, is about $30.80. More information on Transport Canada Examinations can be found HERE.

Transport Canada Forms

To Access any of the following Transport Canada Forms click below:

  • TC Form 82-0701: Candidate Document Number (CDN) Application Form;- English Or French
  • TC Form 82-0532: Statement of Sea Service for a Certificate;- English Or French
  • TC Form 82-0546: Testimonial of Sea Service – Deck Department;- English Or  French 
  • TC Form 82-0666: Testimonial of Sea Service – Engine Department;- English Or French
  • TC Form 82-0545: Steering Testimonial;- English Or French
  • TC Form 82-0600: Application To Be Examined For A Certificate.;- English Or French

Marine Medical Examination

To locate a Marine Medical Examiner– Transport Canada Approved Medical Examiners.