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Basic Training for Ships Operating in Polar Waters

Basic Training for Ships Operating in Polar Waters

All ships making voyages into polar waters must have officers on board who have received mandatory training at both the Basic and Advanced levels. This is a requirement for all SOLAS ships making international voyages under the IMO Polar Code…

Celestial Navigation / Astro 2

Students will learn to plan passages and determine ship’s position by Celestial Bodies, Parallel Plane, Mercator and Great Circle sailing.It also highlights the theory and practice of sextant. This course is for students working towards their Watch…

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Our Programs
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“I recently finished MED STCW Survival Craft with Jerry Bowen as my Instructor. He had amazing knowledge of the course, with additional stories from his past experience. The school brought us out to the docks to experience a TEMPSC boat and…”

Erik Finnhansen

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