Required Attire

Students are advised that a few of the Marine Emergency Duties (MED) courses involve exposure to high temperatures and live fire conditions. Suitable protective clothing (turn-out gear) will be provided by WMI. However, please ensure you come prepared with the following personal clothing and appearance:

  • You will need natural fiber shirts and long pants (or coveralls) to participate in the fire simulation portion of MED courses. No polyester or other synthetic fibres can be worn for these exercises.
  • You must wear closed-toe shoes and heavy socks during survival craft and fire-related training.
  • A swimsuit (or clean t-shirt and jeans) and towel are required for students enrolled in the MED DVS, MED STCW Basic Safety Training, MED Survival Craft, and MED Refresher courses.
  • For all firefighting courses, students must be clean shaven in order to ensure a proper fit for their breathing apparatus.
  • If you have special Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or gear you use at work, you may use those for the courses.

A large portion of MED courses is done outside, rain or shine. Please come prepared for the weather (drinking water, rain gear etc.).

MED Courses

A notebook and pen or pencil. Students at all times, must have closed-toed footwear such as running shoes (with good grip) or boots. If you have steel toed boots, you are able to wear them however, steel toed shoes are not mandatory. A swimsuit and towel will be required for your participation in the pool portion of your course(s). Please note: MED STCW Basic Safety Training and MED STCW Advanced Firefighting students will be required to wear non-synthetic clothing such as cotton or wool.

Supplies for BWR Students to Bring to Class

Supplies required for the field trips of this course (and future employment): warm clothing and steel-toed boots. Supplies required in class: Seaman’s knife and  mathematical set (compass and protractor).

Chartwork and SEN-O/SEN-L Students

You will be required to have with you for the full duration of your course: a notebook and pen or pencil. A parallel ruler (suggested – 18 inches), marine compass and dividers (suggested – 7 inches).