Job Opening: Nautical Instructor

About WMI

Western Maritime Institute (WMI) is the largest private marine training institution in Canada and the largest Transport Canada certified marine training provider on the West Coast. Did you have an instructor that left a great impression on you as a young sailor? Are you interested in being that role model for future and current mariners that are upgrading their skills? WMI is expanding again and looking for instructors at both our Ladysmith and Surrey Campuses.


Surrey and Ladysmith

Job Summary

This position will teach deck-related academic courses including Stability and Construction, Cargo, Chartwork, General Ship Knowledge, Leadership, and others. To apply, please provide a resume and cover letter with references that clearly outline how you meet the criteria below. Send your email to Please put “Nautical Instructor” in the subject line.

Language Requirements

You must be fluent in all aspects of the English language including oral, written, and reading communication skills. This is a critical requirement.

Residency Requirement

You must be legally allowed to work in Canada.


The Certificate of Competency depends on certificate level required for the course. The instructor must hold a Certificate of Competency at least one level above the level being taught. The minimum requirement is Chief Mate Near Coastal with Master Near Coastal or better, preferred.

Teaching Qualifications

All instructors must have experience in course and curriculum development or have attended a course on this subject. Course instructors must hold teaching qualifications incorporating training in instructional techniques, educational technology, and evaluation methods. These qualifications may be obtained in the following ways:

  • Through a federal government department in Canada, or an overseas government which operates a recognized teacher training program;
  • Through a provincially accredited post-secondary institution in Canada;
  • Through a firm in Canada recognized by a provincial government or by the federal government, and which is engaged in providing education and training or educational technology consulting services. i.e. Instructor Development Program (IDP) Level 1 and 2.


Minimum: experience as an Officer in charge of a navigational watch at sea.


Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and theories of marine navigation.


This position may require travel, as WMI delivers courses as far east as Ontario and north to Nunavut.


Comprehensive knowledge of the Canada Shipping Act and associated regulations including international conventions such as SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW., etc.


Send a cover letter and your resume as described above to: Please put “Nautical Instructor” in the subject line.